Come dive Planet Ocean with us

Blue Marble Divers

Tec Demo Day

January 26, 2019  1:00 -3:00

Hagerstown YMCA

Diving is a gear dependent activity. There are so many equipment choices and configurations out there it sets your head to spinning. Admit it,  you've seen divers at the dive site with their doubles, side mount or rebreathers and you've said to yourself, self I'd like to try that one day.  Well the day is here, join us at the Hagerstown YMCA on January 26 from 1:00 - 3:00 to play with our toys.  We'll have Full Face Mask, Side Mount, Back Mounted Doubles and Rebreathers for you to dive. Try one or try them all it's up to you. We'll have 6 Instructors on hand to explain the different configurations and their purposes. Besides testing the gear you'll learn what is required to take your diving to the next level.

So if you're looking for something different to do on a cold winter afternoon, put on some dive gear and jump in the pool.

Entry fee $10.00 :Full Face Mask, Side Mount and Doubles

Entry fee $50.00 for Rebreather, Full Face Mask, Side Mount and Doubles

RSVP to by 13 January with the toys you'd like to dive.

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