Brett, aka Buster, got the diving bug while snorkeling on vacation in Cozumel. Upon arriving home he immediately contacted Mary and Dave to take the plunge. Brett enjoys traveling and diving all over the world with his wife and diving partner Diana and his extended Blue Marble family.  Brett's other hobbies include restoring old cars and making some of the best pizza, (a leftover from a former occupation), you've ever tasted.

Brett Penrod

PADI/SDI Dive Master.

Justin dunlap

​PADI Master Instructor.

Mary "Mother Hen" Stealey

owner/Travel Specialist 

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“Warm Water” Wally is…well, he’s just mean. That’s said with the utmost admiration and respect, but doggone it…he’s just mean.  But when you’re as big and intimidating as he is, you’re allowed to be mean and it’s a kind of meanness that most people aspire to be.  It’s a “tough love” kinda mean.  He’ll tell you not ascend too quickly and he’ll tell you in a way that you won’t want to disappoint him.  He’ll tell ya to keep an eye on your buoyancy and you’ll do it because you’re not quite sure if he is watching you or not. But he tells ya these things cuz he cares.  Everyone that knows him knows that his hard exterior shell houses a big softie.  I think.
"Mother Hen" Mary, often considered Dave's partner in crime, began her career diving naked for a local nationally renowned aquarium. This attracted tourists from all over the world and effectively doubled the revenue for the aquarium during her 5 year naked-diving tenure. It wasn't until Dave discovered this talent and kindly explained the true meaning of skin diving did Mary leave her high-profile position and become Dave's dive buddy. Together they have shared many a diving experience. Mary co-ordinates all of our travels, making sure all of the smallest details are covered. If you're looking for a dive vacation let Mary put together a package for you, the only thing you'll have to do is enjoy yourself.

"Deep Diver" Dave has been a Scuba  Instructor for over 140 years  and has certified over 10,000 divers of all ages and levels. Okay, maybe those stats are a little skewed, but they're not that far off the mark.  After discovering the amazement and excitement brought forth from being able to breath underwater, Dave was hooked.  He started traveling about the country in his beat-up Volkswagen van playing guitar in smoke filled bars trying to earn enough money to continue with his diving lessons. 

Seriously, Dave loves to share his passion for the underwater world.  After over twenty years teaching his greatest joy is the look on peoples faces once they take their first breath underwater.  His diving adventures have taken him around the world, from the Caribbean to the far east. Dave is an accomplished underwater photographer having won several honorable mentions in photographic competitions and his work has been published in magazines and books.

David Stealey


SDI/TDI Instructor Trainer.

Opened in March of 2000, Blue Marble Divers is a full service dive shop. Yep, you guessed it! That means we offer everything you need to explore the mysterious world that covers two-thirds of the Earth’s surface!

The realization of a dream of having a dive shop in their home town, owners Dave and Mary Stealey along with  their staff of Instructors and Dive Masters make it fun, easy, affordable, and most of all....SAFE for you to begin a journey that will last a lifetime.

Situated in the South Pointe Shopping Center in Hagerstown Maryland, Blue Marble Divers is Hagerstown's only full service diving facility featuring PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), certifications. Blue Marble Divers is a Divers Alert Network (DAN) Training Facility and Business Member.  

 Our Staff 

Come dive Planet Ocean with us

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Wally Manderson

SDI Dive Master

Blue Marble Divers

Doug Cechovic

PADI Dive Master


 Chris started diving in July of 1999 and immediately fell in love with it. Scuba Diving became such a passion he wanted to share it with everyone. So much so in 2001 he became a Dive Master and by 2004 was an Assistant Instructor. In January 2007 he became an instructor so he could share his love of aquatic environment with others. Needing a regular scuba fix, Chris became a Volunteer Diver for the National Aquarium in Baltimore. This way one day every other week he can breathe compressed air in salt water while swimming around with over a thousand fish of all kinds. Chris' greatest thrill and sense of satisfaction is the look on a student's face after dive four of the open water certification when they realize they are now a Certified Diver. scuba diving

Chris Lombardi scuba diving

PADI Instructor.